Amidst the ongoing crisis, we have organized various support groups for people in the community facing the same incredibly challenging issues. Such support groups include those for medical support, debt counseling, trafficking prevention, motorcycle taxi drivers, women in prostitution, family wellness, home counseling prayer, and more. We have learned how essential these support groups are in the community as, by sharing each other’s difficulties and trials, the people who attend these groups are able to unburden themselves and find relief and encouragement in knowing they are not alone.

These groups are also a lifesaver to those suffering from symptoms of poor mental health, such as anxiety and depression, as they serve to maintain the mental health of individuals and families who are suffering loss, financial hardships, and joblessness in Myanmar.

In these groups, God is pouring out his spirit on those who are open to receive and to hear. Countless individuals including children have seen visions of heaven and hell and have had discussions with Jesus. It is amazing to see how people are on fire for God, spreading the gospel wherever they go!

Over the last few months, more and more people have been looking for answers and spiritual meaning and seeking hope and comfort as they are surrounded by death and despair on all sides. Monasteries and temples have closed down from fear of the virus, meaning many people have been left without guidance or spiritual support. To meet this growing need our centres have started an increasing number of cell groups where people from the community can meet together, day and night, and discuss their issues and difficulties and support each other. Since February, over 100 of these cell groups have been started, mostly in the homes of those in the communities we serve, making them more secure and hidden in these time of great national instability.

These cell groups have inspired many people’s interest in God. Many were touched about Jesus and his sacrifice for them and others have seen healing and restoration of their livelihoods following prayer.

Many were so eager to be baptised that baptisms now occur weekly in the purpose-built water tanks we have at each centre. Over 1000 new believers are now regularly attending cell groups and church. Showing us that despite the circumstances and the destruction of all the country’s institutions and systems, God is still moving and making a way.

New Believers Baptised

Nearly every week, baptisms happen in our centers across Yangon. We are now seeing whole households coming to faith through one family member coming into contact with a community center’s programs. Here is a video story of how one family came to faith.

Miracles Amongst Oppression

Despite the country’s current oppressive climate, we are seeing more salvations and more baptisms than ever before. There are countless testimonies of the work of the holy spirit in people’s lives and as we open up more centres and expand into new areas, it doesn’t show signs of slowing! Here are a few stories of how God has moved in one of the slum communities in which we are working.