Purple House

The purple centre is located in an area where there are huge problems with alcohol and drug abuse and gambling. It also has a high percentage of one-parent families.

The centre offers informal schooling and after school tuition, to give the children a better chance of staying in education and passing their exams.

Womens groups offer education in health and hygiene, literacy, numeracy and leadership skills.  It also creates a trusted community of women who can learn money management, learn to save money and improve their family income by learning new skills that will allow them to start a small business.   Sewing training, allows women to learn to make clothing.  Many women progress to opening a small business after this training.


Creative Education – For those not yet, or for whatever reason not attending school. With our programme children are taught how to think creatively, receive skills in decision making and learn basic education.

Small group is a place where community is built. People get to discuss deep issues, eat together and support one another. Building on a family feeling, and creating a foundation for helping one another.

Empowers women to improve their own lives and the lives of their community. They learn about hygiene, receive anti-violence training, learn how to start a small business, start savings and loans to improve the family income.

We teach women how to sow clothing. They also enrol and complete a discipleship course.  After their training, they are free to join the women’s groups and many go on to start their own home-based business.

The feeding programme gives nutritious food to children and a meal for the adults when they come together as a large group or as a family. Everyone deserves a good meal.

Afterschool tuition is a program that we offer. Afterschool tuition helps children with their homework, to stop them from falling behind in their school education.

Computer Training – computer training for young adults gives a competitive edge to their skill set when applying for jobs when they leave school, which sets them up for the future.

A safe playground allows children to play together without fear of being trafficked or injured. Tekst tekst tekst tekst tekst tekst tekst tekst tekst tekst tekst tekst