Women’s Empowerment

In the communities where we work, men are seen as the heirs to property, the rightful recipients of good education, the decision makers, the business owners and the autonomous heads of the family. Women are often overlooked by society.

Transformation Groups allow community centres to be connected with and understand the needs of women in the neighborhood. The purpose of these groups is both relational and practical.

Women gather to enjoy time together, sing, discuss life and share their hopes and dreams. Which is incredibly powerful. When a woman has trustworthy people surrounding her, something inside bubbles up to the surface: a sense of hope and confidence that she can improve herself, her life and her community. Paired with the relational is the practical. While in the Transformation Group, women learn about hygiene, receive anti-violence training and learn how to start a small business. They are also given tools to help them start building savings, and they are educated on loan programs.

Transformation Groups begin the process for women to become income generators and decision makers. They become empowered women. Their daughters become empowered daughters, and so the cycle continues.