Red House

The red centre is situated next to a graveyard where nobody wants to live because of their belief in the spirits. It is an extremely poor area, with no access to water and no chance of employment. The area is home to over 100 families whom the community centre serves, daily.
Many people who live here have little or no formal education, which makes living extremely difficult and future prospects hopeless.
Because of the lack of jobs, most people do not work and many resorts to crime and have many times in their life, been imprisoned on multiple occasions.


Mercy Outreach provides simple education to children aged 5-12 years of age.
Men’s support groups provide valuable time to discuss issues and life amongst an otherwise isolated community.
Women’s groups are a life source for peer support, small business creation, education in women’s rights and health and a great place of fun.
A recent water pump and supply of clean water, provided by Mercy Outreach and our supporters, have facilitated a clean water source for the villagers, meaning young girls don’t have to spend their time walking long distances with buckets and neglecting studies.